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Worry Breath

Breath focus helps you concentrate on slow, deep breathing and aids you in disengaging from distracting thoughts and sensations.

We can't avoid all sources of stress in our lives, nor would we want to. But we can develop healthier ways of responding to them. Box Breathing is a great way to cope. Box Breathing is a technique used to manage stress and calm the mind. This is a clean, simple visualization of the box breathing technique with 4 second intervals.

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Grateful Balance

Gratitude is one of the most beneficial behaviors to cultivate.

Keeping a gratitude journal can lead to positive physical, psychological and social benefits impacts. Being grateful is an affirmation of goodness. Gratitude allows us to celebrate the present and minimize the impact of toxic, negative emotions. Grateful Balance helps you cultivate your gratitude.

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Worry Float

Worry Float is an App that helps you to identify and release things that you are worried and anxious about.

Naming what you're worried about you help figure out what's causing you strife. By allowing you to let go of your worry, Worry Float allows an easy and quick visualization to help reset your mindset.

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Worry Float Review

Wise Words

Wise Words has 400+ carefully curated quotes to help inspire, motivate and give you perspective.

The human experience can be tough, but we're grateful those who have pondered the tough questions in life, gone through tough times and achieved amazing feats. Wise Words helps us learn from these luminaries by gleaning bite sized pieces of wisdom from great thinkers like Marcus Auerlius, Henry David Thoreau and Maya Angelou.

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